Nendoroid Doll ChuanShuZiJiuZhiNan Shen Qingqiu

Good Smile Arts Shanghai presents the Nendoroid Doll ChuanShuZiJiuZhiNan Shen Qingqiu from the series Scumbag System (Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan). It retails for ¥7600 and will be released in September 2021

Manufacturer’s Description (if available)

Shen Qingqiu, Lord of Qing Jing Peak of the Cang Qiong Mountain Sect, is now a Nendoroid Doll!

From the popular Chinese fantasy animated series “ChuanShuZiJiuZhiNan” comes a Nendoroid Doll of Shen Qingqiu, the man who slipped back in time into another world and became a villain character! Nendoroid Dolls feature the same Nendoroid heads, but an alternate doll-like body that is highly articulated and can easily be dressed-up into different outfits while still remaining a palm-sized action figure! Be sure to add Shen Qingqiu in his faithfully recreated outfit to your collection!

*In order to comply with the Commodity Inspection Act of Taiwan’s law standard, the supporting pole of this product shipped to Taiwan will be non-magnetic and balances with weight.

Price (inc. tax)

  • ¥7600

Release Date

  • September 2021


  • Scumbag System (Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan)


  • Good Smile Arts Shanghai


  • Pre-painted Posable Figure
  • Size: Approx. H140mm (non-scale)
  • Material: ABS & PVC / Other: Cotton, Polyester, Magnet


  • vane

Name in Japanese

  • ねんどろいどどーる 穿書自救指南 沈清秋
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