Figure-rise Mechanics – Doraemon Plastic Model

BANDAI SPIRITS presents the Figure-rise Mechanics – Doraemon Plastic Model from the series Doraemon,Fujiko F Fujio. It retails for ¥2750 and will be released in January 2021

Manufacturer’s Description (if available)

What is inside that robot?

How does it move?

This new plastic model answers your questions!

For all the adults who grew up with Doraemon…

-It can be turned to sitting pose by using the alternative part for sitting in Time Machine.

-It includes some clear exterior parts in blue color. You can enjoy watching mechanical detail inside Doraemon even after assembling him.

-Doraemon is recreated based on the tridimensional version from “Doraemon Daijiten Definitive Edition”.

*Some parts are original of this plastic model.

-Figure-rise Mechanics

By assembling all the inner parts of robots you can understand their characteristics and background. With Figure-rise Mechanics you can build models and at the same time find out how they work!

Price (inc. tax)

  • ¥2750

Release Date

  • January 2021


  • Doraemon,Fujiko F Fujio




  • Plastic Model Kit
  • -Runner x4
  • -Sticker x1
  • -Instruction paper x1
  • -Clear exterior part set
  • -Set of optional part for sitting in Time Machine


Name in Japanese

  • Figure-rise Mechanics ドラえもん プラモデル
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